Post Wendy House en-knackerment
Mexican Glenn
Weeee that was a brilliant weekend. Wendy House went well with literally just under 1000 in. The PA had serious hardware failure before we started, so we opened half an hour late, but this was sorted with lots of cable. There's few of life's problems that can't be solved by lots of cable... otherwise DJing and running the night was an absolute hoot as always.

Yesterday we all stayed in the pub for hours. I feel utterly knackered today, I ache and my internal organs are grumbling. A sign of a great weekend. At least I can sleep at work.... :-D

Good luck to my little car today. It's having a MOT and service done. I want to see your good vibes go out to it whilst it undergoes lots of undignified poking and prodding.

In other news. I have 100 glowsticks sitting on my work desk... my life is a little weird.

Joke of the day

What do you call a cow with no legs?

Ground beef.

The Wendy House - this Saturday (March 15th).
Mexican Glenn
Wendy House March 15th 2008The Wendy House - this Saturday (March 15th).
Leeds University Union
Just £5 door.

It's a bit of an early Easter special this month, so dress up, get eggcited and party darkly at our mad March event.

See you all there!!

Quick reminder
Mexican Glenn
It's The Wendy House on Saturday (Feb 16th).... yayyyy!!!

We have free pink glowsticks to giveaway from the DJ booths on the night (plus other lovely merchandise) while stocks last.

Full details of this month's massive event on The Wendy House News page here.

See you all there... :-)

WENDY HOUSE Feb 16th News
Mexican Glenn

The Wendy House. St Skeletors day party Feb 16th 2008 - CLICK FOR MORE---------------------------------------
THE WENDY HOUSE Saturday February 16th 2008
It's our late Valentines day special (we're dubbing the 16th St. Skeletors day as an antidote to the sentimentality of the 14th!).

Join us for another packed and fun event. This month is a Nautical themed optional fancy dress party. Come as pirates, sailors, mermaids, squid monsters, sharks etc. :-) You don't have to dress up but it's fun if you do. 

Darkside 1st Feb
Pioneer CDJ

DarkisdeDarkside Update

1st Feb will see us once again in the main room of Leeds Rio.

For those that haven't been, The room holds 1400, state of the art sound and light system, big laser fun and the feel of an indoor festival stage.

You can now buy your tickets (just £4.50) for Darkside online by clicking here:

Wendy House on Saturday (Jan 19th)
Mexican Glenn
Wendy House websiteIt's the first Wendy House of 2008 on Saturday (Jan 19th), join us for another huge Dark Party.

Celebrate the end of exams, cast off the wet winter weather (and the post Xmas blues) with a big and bouncy, fun alternative event....

See you all there :-)

Darkside this Friday
Mexican Glenn
Darkside Hard Dance Trance Psy EBM DnBDarkside this Friday

Psy, Hard Dance, Trance, EBM, Industrial, DnB

£5 door or £4 NUS - 9pm til late

Leeds Rios, Grand Arcade Leeds 

My first bit of DJing of 2008... yayyy...

Rar for Monday
Mexican Glenn

Well hello there my LJ chums...

The Christmas Wendy House went very well on Saturday. We had an amazing, packed turn out considering everything else that was going on. Using the power of my fingers and toes I can guestimate that we had just under 1000 lovely people in.

It went very smoothly too, despite a few very minor issues that should be sorted next month. Some pictures are now on the website. Thanks to everyone that's made 2007 a truly fantastic year for us, see you all on January 19th.

Mexican Glenn
I wonder how much greenhouse gas was emitted by the Greenpeace campaign in encouraging 50,000 teenagers to use Habbo, in an online survey about greenhouse gasses (see bottom of article)? 50,000 PCs use a reasonable amount of electricity. I wonder how much electricity is used in viewing their 90 second gaming campaign video? I'm sure they'll use "Carbon offsetting" as a get out of jail free excuse.

My application for England manager appears to have been turned down.

Don't forget it's Wendy House on Saturday...  yayyyyyy

WENDYHOUSE Xmas Special This Saturday (Dec 15th)
Mexican Glenn
Merry Xmas from The Wendy House - Click here for more infoHo Ho Ho... it's The Wendy House Xmas Party this Saturday (Dec 15th) at Leeds University. It starts at 9pm and is just £5 on the door.

This promises to be the biggest Alternative night Xmas party in the UK. We have an 80's heroes themed, optional fancy dress party. We have prizes and pressies to give away, free magazines to give away with CDs from the DJ booth and much darkly clad christmas cheer.

Don't forget that we have a peak DJ set from Adam from Judas Coven (ex Lab 4) in the Mutate room. 

This should be a night to remember, so we'll wish you all a Merry Xmas and see you all there... :-)


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