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Post Wendy House en-knackerment
Mexican Glenn
Weeee that was a brilliant weekend. Wendy House went well with literally just under 1000 in. The PA had serious hardware failure before we started, so we opened half an hour late, but this was sorted with lots of cable. There's few of life's problems that can't be solved by lots of cable... otherwise DJing and running the night was an absolute hoot as always.

Yesterday we all stayed in the pub for hours. I feel utterly knackered today, I ache and my internal organs are grumbling. A sign of a great weekend. At least I can sleep at work.... :-D

Good luck to my little car today. It's having a MOT and service done. I want to see your good vibes go out to it whilst it undergoes lots of undignified poking and prodding.

In other news. I have 100 glowsticks sitting on my work desk... my life is a little weird.

Joke of the day

What do you call a cow with no legs?

Ground beef.

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I'm sending the car good vibes as I type - I always get nervous when mine has to go to the car hospital!

Yeah I'm on tender-hooks.... poor thing. thanks for the good vibes :-)

There's few of life's problems that can't be solved by lots of cable...

i like that bit of wisdom! cable. yesss, so true, why did i never realise? cable is what i need :) thank you :)

hahaha... it's a great bit of advice. Most of my technical and DJing problems always tend to be down to cable, it's a metaphor for life ;-D

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